Specialists in Engineering                   


Pressings Facility

  • Presswork Capacity from 10 to 200 tonnes

  • Drilling Tapping & Riveting

  • Wire Forming

  • Grinding & Linishing


Over the years, Rowan Telmac has built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the field of pressed metal components manufacture. Assuring customers of the optimum, most cost effective solution to their needs. In particular the company has the specialist skills to accurately blank, pierce, raise and form the most complex components, while a complete range of ancillary operations - including drilling, tapping, machining, welding and powder coating - provides the capability to produce a finished component or sub-assembly.



Production Welding & Sheet Metal at Rowan Telmac (Telford)

Tig Welding
  - Aluminium
  - Mild Steel
  - Stainless Steel

Mig Welding
  - Aluminium
  - Mild Steel
  - Stainless Steel

Spot and Projection Welding
  - Mild Steel
  - Stainless Steel

Laser Cutting
Plasma Cutting
Gas Welding & Brazing
Sawing & Welding
CNC Brake Press Forming

Welding Plant
Rowan Telmac`s Dedicated Production Welding & Sheet Metal Unit


In House Powder Coating Facilities

Polyester Powder Coating (conveyorized track)
Aperture size 1200mm X 600
Degreasing and Iron Phosphating

Plastic and Nylon Coating

Powder Coating Facilities
Other finishes currently undertaken to customer specifications:

Polish & Chrome Plate
Zinc Plate & Passivate, Clear & Coloured
Chemical Blacking

Harden & Temper